to Techno-Dog, home of the New Technocrane. It's the next generation of Technocrane for today's new cameras. Techno-Dog is perfect for an Alexa, a Red Epic or a Sony F-65 and a compact zoom lens. The crane is lighter, faster, more versatile and more production friendly than its big brother. And with more than 20 feet of reach and 21 feet of height, this is no baby-techno. It's a big friendly dog!


Built Like a Sportscar. 

The New Technocrane from Techno-Dog is the lightest Technocrane ever built. Oscar winning inventor Horst Burbulla and his team used light-weight aircraft aluminum, and a high-strength, low-weight design, to create a telescopic crane arm that weighs a mere 200 pounds. Four people can easily carry it up stairs. Now you can use a techno in places you never would have dreamed of bringing a crane before.  


Repeatable Remote Head.

The Techno-Dog comes with a Talon remote head. Controls are via handwheels or a joystick. The Talon is a silky smooth head with lots of great features. It is a fully repeatable head that can record up to 2000 positions and an hour of movement. Its top panning speed is 210º per second. Capacity is 40 lbs. Weight of the head is 21 lbs.   


A DP's Dream. 

Director of Photography and owner, Mike Mayers used the classic techno for years on features, commercials and television dramas, but he dreamed of a crane designed like a sports car rather than a truck. "Last year I had my grip department bring a 30' classic techno up an escalator to a 2nd story ballroom for the opening shot on Political Animals starring Sigourney Weaver. We managed it, but I vowed to find a better way. As soon as I saw the New Technocrane, I knew my dream had been realized."



"On many productions, the Technocrane is a luxury that can only be afforded for a day or two at a time. I hate to see a sad DP as his or her Technocrane packs up and drives home. I formed Techno-Dog to make the benefits of a telescopic crane available on longer productions at a reasonable price. Just as you wouldn't dream of making a film without carrying a dolly, now, you can carry the Techno-Dog for the run of the show without breaking the bank."



The Techno-Dog makes complex camera movements ultra simple. In the hands of a skilled grip and camera operator, the camera feels as solid as a dolly, and yet can float like a crane or a steadicam. You can fly right over the furniture or chase performers up and down stairs. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. (One person operation is also available).



The Techno-Dog can be ready to roll in as little as 20 minutes. Once the camera is mounted on the crane, there is no waiting for dolly track, dance floor, low mode, or risers to get any shot from ground level to 21 feet in the air in a diameter of 40 feet. The Techno-dog is both a creative tool and a huge time-saver on set.  



The Techno-Dog comes with a skilled technician-grip.  


On longer rentals, your grip and camera crew can be trained in the safe and creative operation of the crane thus saving the cost of the technician.  



The Techno-Dog comes standard with a control desk.

Monitors are available for grip and operator at additional cost. 

Headsets and wireless follow-focus are available too, or you can use your own.



The Techno-Dog can be delivered to your location anywhere in Southern California. For productions outside of So-Cal, arrangements can be made for transport.